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We are Official Distributors of Lavazza Products,

Rocchetta Natural Mineral Water and Uliveto the Welness water!Exclusive importer of Tomarchio ,Italian Vintage Sodas, and Pitti Caffe the new Italian coffees sensation!!


Free Loan program available !
We offer the Coffee machine for Free with the monthly purchase of our coffees!

The Best Espresso & Cappuccino and Everything you need to make it!!!

At Miami Coffe Supply you can find the Lavazza BLUE systems,

based on a patented technology employing single-serve espresso capsuels with a variety of machines,each one designed to meet the requirements of a specific foodservice venue.

Ease of use,small footprint,sturdiness,high volumes capability and,above all,consistent quality are the key features of our products line.

Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Get detailed information here. Learn more about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to serving you!


The Lavazza BLUE espresso capsules are available in single and double dose,for flexibility of use and cup size,making them ideal for any quality espresso-based beverages program.

The range is completed with a variety of blends and hot beverages.

Individually sealed,each capsules guarantee absolute freshness and consisten quality,cup after cup.


Rocchetta Brio Blu
Rocchetta originates from the beautiful town of Gualdo Tadino in Umbria, originally named “Tadinum” by the Romans.
The lush green valley in which Gualdo Tadino is to be found runs between the Umbrian and Marchegian Appenines, and the history and origins of the town have always been linked to the wealth of its’ natural springs.
The mountains around Gualdo Tadino alternate dense forest with vast extenses of green plains, the mildness of the climate have long caused this area to be considered an ideal environment and in fact the first traces of human settlement here date back to prehistoric times.
Rocchetta Brio Blu is now the number one selling carbonated water in Italy.

We are now the exclusive Florida Distributors of Brio Blu Rocchetta.

Available 0.25 cl Glass Bottle, 0.75 cl Glass Bottle and 0.50 Pet bottle.


TOMARCHIO Italian Vintage Sodas

Tomarchio,Sicily in a bottle!

Was founded in Sicily in 1920 as a family business in Acireale,a small city at the foothill of Etna Volcano.The secret of the peculiar taste of our sodas is the unique blend of the water from the near Etna Volcano water with the best ingredients Sicily can offer: Oranges and Lemons ripenede under the Mediterranean sun.

Available 0.20 cl Glass Bottle and 0.33 cl Alu cans.

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